World-Class Female Accommodation at Ajman University

Jul 1, 2019 10:51:36 AM / by Nancy Bercaw

Living away from home for the first time can be difficult for students. So, having the right services and amenities – especially premium university housing – is essential for students to feel comfortable and have the right foundation for success.


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The Ajman University Student Housing Office provides both male and female accommodation on and nearby campus, ensuring all the necessary elements are in place to provide students with a wonderful experience.

AU’s dedicated female accommodation provides an especially secure living environment that provides the following world-class amenities:

  • Fully-furnished rooms with Wi-Fi

All rooms in AU’s female accommodations are fully-furnished, giving students a solid, and comfortable start to university life. And there is no need to worry about basic electrical appliances, as the room comes fitted with modern appliances. Importantly, students can enjoy access to Wi-Fi throughout hostel.

  • A clutter-free environment

Whilst university is an excellent opportunity for students to begin (or continue) their autonomous life away from home, which includes cooking and cleaning, they can also take advantage of the cleaning and maintenance services available on campus.

  • A safe space

Students can be assured that AU offers social and administrative supervision throughout the day. There are also security regulations in place for staff to follow, ensuring secure spaces for female students. And if the need arises, medical services are on hand to help any health-related issues that may arise.

  • A space to breath

From the green spaces that surround the accommodation to the quiet rooms which are ideal for study or just quietly relaxing, residents can enjoy the common areas with fellow students which can help alleviate a sense of isolation for those who are used to living with their families.

  • Shuttles and trips

For a convenient way to travel between accommodation and classes, students can take the shuttle bus that runs between the female hostel and the university. This is a great way for students to ensure they’re on time to classes and avoid outside temperatures when they are uncomfortably high. It’s also a safe transportation option for late-night lab and study sessions. The university also organizes group trips for shopping and other fun activities for residents of the female hostel.

  • Professionally-run services

The female hostel at AU is run in accordance with all institutional policies and regulations, under the authority and supervision of the Deanship of Student Affairs. The focus is for facilities to be modern, comfortable, safe, and secure whilst providing the right environment for studying and socializing.

For those looking to enroll at the university but would first like to find out more information on the female accommodation, please get in touch with AU to find out more.

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Written By Nancy Bercaw