Top Rating for Ajman University in recent QS Star Assessment

Jun 10, 2019 3:01:45 PM / by Nancy Bercaw

For all students, selecting the best institution for higher education is one of the most important decisions they can undertake. So, how do you go about choosing the right university in the UAE or abroad?

And while an institution may lay claim to supporting a variety of core values, how do you know that it really ‘walks the walk’ as well as ‘talking the talk’?



QS Stars


There are now a number of independent bodies who assess universities across several key indicators. It’s an extremely useful way for potential students to assess the performance and progress of an institution. One such independent assessment body is the QS Stars rating system.

The QS Stars rating system provides a detailed overview of universities across a wide range of core components set against pre-established international standards. These reports provide valuable insight into a university’s performance, helping students identify which institutions are performing well in areas that match their interests.

This year, Ajman University (AU) received the highest possible score – 5 QS Stars – for Social Responsibility, Inclusiveness, and Learning Environment. Creating an institution that is truly socially responsible, values inclusiveness for all, and provides students with a world class learning and lifestyle experience are three essential pillars of AU’s mission and vision. To receive the top rating in these areas is a testament to the hard work of every member of the Ajman University community.

  • Social Responsibility

The report from QS Stars Rating found that there was a strong commitment to serving the community with a number of local and international programs available to help develop human capital. Every semester, students from AU work in service to vulnerable populations from Ajman to Zanzibar. With the recent addition of a mobile dental unit, AU is now also able to assist those in the UAE community who lack transportation. Whether volunteering overseas or locally, AU students bring their experiences back to campus for studying and sharing. There is also a real emphasis on campus to reduce the institution’s environmental impact and helping students adopt a sustainable mindset.

  • Inclusiveness

AU believes that creating an inclusive and tolerant institution for all is crucial to being one of the leading learning institutions in the Middle East and beyond. The QS Stars Rating commented on the diversity of AU students, from nationality to the use of scholarships and bursaries for lower income students. It also praised the institution on its excellent access for disabled students and noted AU’s excellent religious facilities for major faiths. The AU campus is home to a rich mix of international faculty from 35 different countries and a diverse student body representing 72 different nationalities. AU’s vast network of 36,000 alumni resides in 48 different countries.

  • Learning Environment

The QS Stars’ report found that students at Ajman University reported exceptionally high satisfaction with the quality of teaching. This is supported by the campus environment including educational facilities, IT infrastructure, sporting facilities, and medical facilities. The overall experience of AU students is greatly enhanced by an active campus, thanks in no small part to the wide range of student societies and clubs.

Founded in 1988 as the first private institution of higher education in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region, Ajman University is now being recognized as an emerging leader on the global academic map. In 2019, QS World University Rankings named AU among the top 1000 universities worldwide and one of the top 150 universities under 50 years.

Written By Nancy Bercaw