Student Counseling at Ajman University

Jul 1, 2019 10:52:18 AM / by Nancy Bercaw

At Ajman University (AU), counseling services are available to help students work through any difficulties they might be experiencing and gain insight into the ways in which they cope. The goal is to help instill and develop emotional resilience; and, the objective is always real and long-lasting change. Students who have opted to seek support from student counseling at AU have spoken of improvements in their outlook and abilities to deal with the personal and academic challenges they occasionally face.


Group Counseling


  • Professional Standards

Counseling for AU students is managed by a trained counselor who adheres to strict confidentiality. Each and every student who seeks help can rest assured that their issues are kept private and they can feel safe sharing openly with the counselor. Sessions are focused on identifying stressors, addressing problems, and providing a safe and supportive space for students to express themselves and the troubles they’re experiencing, without fear of judgement.

A Range of Services

  • Individual counseling

o This service is for those looking for one-on-one time with a professional. It is an opportunity to be open about problems and difficulties but without the pressure of speaking in front of others. It also provides focused attention. Many students have spoken of the relief they have felt when opening up to an impartial professional in this safe space.

  • Group counseling

Counseling in groups can be an excellent way for students to see that they are not alone with their problems and that others are experiencing similar issues. Those who are involved have stated that they have benefited from listening to others’ experiences as well as giving and receiving support.

  • Workshops and training programs

A variety of workshops are available to help students build their emotional skillset when dealing with the demands of university life. The topics change each term.

When and why should a student seek help?

  1. If they’re struggling to fully integrate into university life.
  2. When they’re looking to enhance their personal abilities.
  3. To improve their communication skills.
  4. If they want to improve their self-confidence.
  5. To acquire better soft skills, such as time management.

If they’re looking to overcome feelings of fear and anxiety.

Whether it’s a longstanding concern, new difficulties, or simply having a sense that something isn’t right, AU students are given the chance to fulfill their academic and personal potential through counselling services. The service is always free and confidential. Of course, for emergency support, students are encouraged to contact emergency services.

If you’re a student looking for help, know of someone that would benefit, or want to understand more before applying to AU, get in touch with the university on or at +971 6 748 2222.

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Written By Nancy Bercaw