Sports and Recreation Facilities at Ajman University

Jul 1, 2019 10:53:21 AM / by Nancy Bercaw

Ajman University (AU) firmly believes that taking part in sports and fitness programs can help facilitate positive outcomes in students’ lives, including in their health, mental well being and social connections. With this in mind, AU takes pride in creating and facilitating sports and fitness-focused groups for each and every student looking to participate – regardless of their level.




The Office of Athletics (OA)

The OA creates an inviting environment for students to explore their interests and embrace living a healthy and active lifestyle. It is also strongly committed to each student’s personal development by organizing a variety of co-curricular sports options, both fun and competitive. Whilst some students have used this as a platform to take their athletic abilities to new levels, others have embraced the opportunity to improve their self-confidence and make new friends.

A new multi-sports facility

The new multi-sport complex at AU is fully equipped with modern amenities with qualified trainers ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all. Students take pride in the facilities and teams and have begun creating a legacy of sportsmanship for the university.

The facility includes:

  • A 25-meter swimming pool
  • Fields/Courts for football, handball, basketball, tennis and volleyball
  • A gymnasium for a variety of games
  • Additional sports halls for chess and billiards
  • Modern and spacious locker and shower rooms
  • Objectives for the OA and sports complex

At AU, students participate in recreation for more than just comradery. Instead, the university has outlined key objectives to ensure that all those involved reap multiple benefits:

  • The university aims to contribute to student development by empowering them through fitness and competition and instilling a sense of enjoyment for years to come.
  • Much of this enjoyment comes from building a rapport amongst students and within the community.
  • Programs cater to elite-level athletes but also to the entire student body – encompassing a wide range of interests and skill levels.
  • For those looking to take their skills to a higher level, the university provides a variety of training and sporting opportunities to help students reach the levels required to participate in national competitions.
  • A high level of training and coaching is available to meet individual and group challenges.

AU and the OA are dedicated to improving the overall well being of each and every student. With modern and well-developed sports facilities, students will be able to enjoy physical activity both recreationally and competitively.

For more information on the facilities, coaching, and current sporting clubs and events, get in touch with the university on or at +971 6 748 2222 (Ajman campus) / +971 9 2222 644 (Fujairah campus).

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Written By Nancy Bercaw