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The New Classroom: Fast Pace and Smooth Ride

Posted by Ajman University on Apr 28, 2020 8:53:48 PM

Mr. Muhammad Siddiqui is head of the marketing department in AU's College of Business Administration. When he heard that AU was swtiching to online course delivery within a week's time, his first reaction was “no way.” But with support from the university, and training from IT, AU's teachers and students were able to take our 'Make it Happen' motto into cyberspace at warp speed.

Of course there were some minor hiccups in the first couple of classes – a few from us and some from the students. But since then, it’s been a very smooth ride. There are much more options for interactions online than there are in traditional classes. Faculty can switch between applications much more swiftly and keep the students’ attention. Online is more challenging with larger class sizes, but I’ve found that breakout groups can be still very effective.

 – Mr. Muhammad Siddiqui

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Topics: Online Learning, College of Business Administration, Cyber Campus