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The Dawning of a New Horizon in Learning

Posted by Ajman University on May 2, 2020 5:31:08 PM

Dr. Fahar Hayati is the Dean of AU’s College of Engineering and Information Technology. He reports that the move to online learning has opened up an exciting new horizon in higher education. He also believes that blending remote coursework with the traditional classroom experience has the potential to enhance the future of student learning tremendously.

His students seem to agree! Here’s what some of them had to say about the new online model:

UnknownWhile there are downsides to online courses, there are also a large list of benefits, such as access to greater information and channels for greater communication. All of the benefits are present in Dr. Fahar’s lectures as his open-ended questions and assignments allow students to display their understanding rather than traditional memorization. I look forward to the development of online lectures allowing for even greater interaction in the future.

–Niel Carlrich Maritz



One thing that turned out to be really beneficial is the recorded Unknown-1sessions that allow us to go back to the courses and classes at any time. It really helps us make sure that we understood the information, along with revising it whenever we want. We also have more flexible time to schedule our classes if we need more support, and better scheduling of our tests and exams.

–Reem AlaaEldin Yousef Sobeih


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