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Week Two: The View from AU's Cyber Campus

Posted by Ajman University on Mar 28, 2020 5:34:53 PM

Ajman University's online course delivery continues to be a great success story. 


The following statistics demonsrate that our students are remaining deeply engaged in their studies and that our faculty are consistantly providing compelling lectures:

  • The average number of lectures per day since March 15: 533.33
  • The average number of sessions per day with minimum 20 Attendees: 208.5
  • The average number of sessions per day with minimum 50 Attendees: 25.5
  • The average number of sessions per day with minimum 100 Attendees: 8.5

Prof. Raed Abu Zitar, TLC Manager

One of the many factors that helped position AU for successful online course delivery were the efforts of our Teaching and Learning Center (TLC). Here's what Raed Abu Zitar​, Manager of the TLC and Professor in the College of Engineering and Information Technology, says about the experience thus far:  

I have seen senior faculty members, who might have been reluctant at first, asking about all the details of Moodle and Blackboard platforms. I have seen how relieved and satisfied they were after they finished their first online class. They are showing high enthusiasm and eagerness to learn more and  all of them are happy and content with the students' level of engagement. What could have taken AU months to train faculty members was accomplished in one week.  

Clearly AU's teachers are as good at learning as our students are! Next week's blog posts will showcase videos of five different faculty members in action. 

Stay home! Stay safe! Stay connected! 

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Message from the AU Chancellor

Posted by Ajman University on Mar 18, 2020 9:46:01 PM

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