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Integration Will Lead to Future Success

Posted by Ajman University on May 15, 2020 2:29:35 PM

Dr. Dina Elkhattat is an Assistant Professor of Public Relations and Advertising in AU's College of Mass Communication. After her recent (and very positive) experience with remote teaching, she believes that future in-person lectures should have an online coursework component. Why not have the best of both worlds?

During my distance learning experience, I noticed that students love its unlimited benefits, they really enjoy learning remotely with its flexibility, efficiency, effectiveness and attractive tools, they found it easy and interactive. I am so proud of them since they are keen to attend, participate, and doing great during their quizzes, assignments, projects, and the brainstorming sessions.

-- Dr. Dina Elkhattat

Some of Dr. Dina's students have shared their observations, too, about the exciting new age of remote learning:

AAsmaU was keen to apply the technical needs for distance learning with high standards, so the educational process met the aspirations of students. The distance learning experience happened smoothly with the same interactivity as if we are on a real campus, besides the new benefits in online classes like recordings; we have now the ability to view the recorded lectures when needed. The organizational communication course is one of the most interesting courses in my distance learning experience. Lectures were interactive, and our instructor followed several interesting methods to motivate us for participation, including asking questions through polling, this feature allows students to confirm the information and remember it easily.

-- Asma Alkaabi

HananWhen we started our distance learning it was a challenge for all of us, we could not imagine how to start, but through our lectures with Dr. Dina Elkhattat, we gained confidence through her encouragement to engage us in interaction via the online classes. During the organizational communication course, we focused on e-communication and the implementation of new technologies in institutions, and how we should act when we face any change around us; we also applied case studies about the recent circumstances to know how we can handle it through effective communication.

-- Hanan Alnakhal

AhmedI really enjoyed the distance learning experience, it was a wonderful experience for me, as I learned from the new methods to think creatively, and through the organizational communication and e-marketing courses with Dr. Dina Elkhattat we have learned the concepts and practices of leadership, and applied many practical exercises on it. I can say that this learning experience has many advantages especially the flexibility in learning and the interactivity through participation in discussions and brainstorming sessions during the online classes.

-- Ahmed Alqadri


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