Making Online Education Happen.

Entering a New Era of Higher Education

Posted by Ajman University on Apr 24, 2020 10:56:44 PM
Dr. Dalia Bedewy is an Assistant Professor of Psychology in AU’s College of Humanities and Sciences. Her experience thus far with online teaching has been eye-opening. She believes the future of teaching and learning will be more comprehensive thanks to online models and portals.

For her recent midterm assessments, Dr. Dalia gave students a case study to evaluate for a diagnosis and treatment plan. Not only did the students find it less stressful than a traditional exam, but they also found it to be more engaging and robust. “They had to dig deeper into every topic in the course to be able to provide a scientific answer,” she explains. “I further required that they use the online tools associated with the course so they'd have a command of the learning environment as well as the subject matter.”

In her capacity as the Manager of AU’s Student Counseling Unit, Dr. Dalia has created  three YouTube videos on the topic of “Making Mental Health Happen.”  Click links below for her experise in action:

  1. Five tips for mental wellbeing.
  2. Five tips for staying motivated.
  3. Social distance – not social isolation.

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