Mentoring at Ajman University

Jul 1, 2019 10:53:59 AM / by Nancy Bercaw

With thousands of students coming through its doors, Ajman University (AU) understands the various and sometimes unique challenges that students can face when starting out. Issues might include difficulties adjusting to a new environment, and for some, living in a new country. Therefore, successfully navigating the first few days, weeks, and months of university is imperative for students to adjust and thrive.

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That’s why AU has created the International Peer Leader program, where new international students are matched with existing students to help them settle into their new life from day one! Keep reading to learn how mentees benefit from this supportive program.

  • Gain practical advice

Students are likely to have researched the university, the city and the country, before arriving in Ajman. However, to understand the practicalities of their new life, such as getting around campus, going to the right places to meet people, respecting local customs and culture, and how best to enjoy the surrounding area, getting information from someone who has “been there and done that” can be extremely beneficial.

  • Increase confidence

With so many students coming through its doors, AU realizes that to help develop and enhance a student’s confidence, they will need encouragement and support. With the International Peer Leader program, students have found an increase in their confidence due to positive social interactions and academic guidance. Students often feel empowered to make decisions for themselves, especially those that might be new to making decisions on their own.

  • Establish a sense of direction

University life is so dynamic that some students have found it difficult to establish goals and to work toward them without the right kind of support. At AU, mentors aren’t only here to help students as they begin their higher-ed journey. They provide a consistent source of guidance, creating a much best chance to succeed personally and academically.

With a variety of students involved as mentors, newly admitted international students can rest assured that they will find mentors to support them and help ensure their personal and academic success.

New students, those considering enrolling at AU, or helping out as potential mentors, should get in touch on or at +971 6 748 2222. The International Peer Leader program is a unique endeavor championed by the university with the hope of bringing people together, strengthening relationships and creating a supportive culture that manifests success.

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Written By Nancy Bercaw