Interior design undergraduate program in the UAE

Oct 6, 2019 5:32:04 PM / by Nancy Bercaw

The study of interior design offers a robust understanding and analysis of the elements and components that go into decorating a space - from color schemes and fittings, to sourcing and styling furniture. Through the College of Architecture, Art and Design, Ajman University (AU) offers one of the best interior design programs in the UAE. The undergraduate degree incorporates elements of design history and architectural compliments influencing interiors. Additionally, the program features technical courses on both freehand and CAD-based drawings, as well as modules on model building, lighting, and acoustics, among others. One of the most comprehensive programs in the region, AU’s interior design degree requires students to fulfil internships as a prerequisite to graduation.

  • Importance

The UAE is a regional hub for trade and tourism -- and qualified interior designers are needed to support this lucrative industry. The housing industry is also booming with apartment complexes and villas, which require technically and creatively competent interior designers.

  • Benefits and Potential Jobs

A career in interior design has the potential to be uniquely rewarding and enjoyable. A qualified interior designer from Ajman University’s undergraduate program in the UAE will be at the top of recruiters’ lists.

The field of interior design offers many avenues for creativity and freedom of expression. With the range of available projects, some designers may choose to work on palatial residences over sprawling business complexes, and others yet may find their niche in hospitality.

Moreover, the field allows for avenues of self-employment. A qualified student of AU’s interior design undergraduate program in the UAE may set up a solo entrepreneurship and enjoy the unique benefits of owning and operating their own business.

There are many jobs where an undergraduate degree in interior design is useful. For example, new graduates can find employment as stylists, or professional stagers, working to set spaces such as exhibition centers, media outlets, or event management projects, to visually showcase their full potential.

  • Skill Set

Gradates of AU’s interior design program in the UAE acquire:

· Abilities for data collection and analysis and the design process, including problem identification and solving.

· Evaluation skills for programming and designing phases, building systems, and codes and construction integration.

· The ability to utilize up-to-date technology through computer-aided design and other software applications, and for drawings and presentations.

· The capacity to work as an efficient team member in diverse professional groups.

· The ability to recognize environmental, cultural, and traditional factors informing design components.

· Foundational knowledge about interior environments in relation to human behavior and needs.

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Written By Nancy Bercaw