How to Find the Best Electrical Engineering Programs in UAE

Jul 11, 2019 4:30:28 PM / by Nancy Bercaw

Understanding how to find the best electrical engineering programs in the UAE means focusing on course content and student outcomes. The best courses will incorporate international excellent academic standards and improve on a student’s knowledge, skills and competencies. Graduating from a well-structured program will also help students prepare for an outstanding professional career.




So, what should students look for when searching for the best electrical engineering courses in the UAE?

  • A Variety of Electrical Engineering Specialties

The best electrical engineering courses in the UAE have a variety of specialties to offer. At Ajman University (AU), the first three years of a student’s electrical engineering degree are focused on the foundations of the subject, with students using, updating and adapting their knowledge to build a foundation in the field. In their fourth and final year, students focus on electronics and communication, power and renewable energy or instrumentation and control as they choose which specialty to focus on for their professional careers.

  • Understand the Program Outcomes

Program outcomes cab be an afterthought at some universities, but at AU, there is a strong focus on outcomes in order to set critical goals for both students and faculty.

These Program Outcomes include a Student’s ability to:

  1. Apply their knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering, including designing and conducting experiments, as well as analyzing and interpreting data;
  2. Demonstrate broad and specialized electrical engineering knowledge and skills necessary for the modern world: and,
  3. Identify and solve engineering problems, whether systems, components, or processes, within a context that considers economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, manufacturability, and sustainability factors.

Students are also encouraged to improve and develop new “soft skills” such as:

  1. Working well on multidisciplinary teams;
  2. Communicating effectively with colleagues; and,
  3. Understanding the need for engaging in life-long learning.
  • Start Considering Career Paths

The best electrical engineering courses in the UAE are focused, first and foremost, on maintaining a high quality of education. But they also provide students with the foundations they need to flourish and thrive in the workforce.

At AU, students are always encouraged to learn from leaders of industry and attend workshops, conferences, competitions, and networking events where they will meet recruiters, former alumni and other professionals who will help them understand the practical implementation of their skills.

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Written By Nancy Bercaw