Computer Science Universities in UAE

Sep 1, 2019 10:10:12 PM / by Nancy Bercaw

When considering computer science universities in UAE, Ajman University stands out as a leader in the field. AU houses the successful College of Engineering and Information Technology, which contains multiple departments including the highly innovative Department of Information Technology. In addition, Ajman University is dedicated to becoming:



  • One of the most reputable computer science universities in UAE

The College continues to work towards becoming one of the top recognized providers of information technology education in the region, providing a high-quality education to its students in all aspects of computer science, including information technology and information systems. And, of course, pedagogy is always formulated around internationally recognized standards. 

  • One of the most relevant computer science universities in UAE

As IT continues to form a critical part of both personal and professional spaces, it’s critical that universities produce professionals that understand the foundational aspects of information technology and information systems, and can create and implement efficient IT technologies and solutions based on a market’s requirements.

Computer science graduates from Ajman University are tuned in to social requirements, both nationally and regionally, with a level of unmatched passion instilled in each individual so that they are committed to lifelong learning, research, and development.

  • One of the most well-equipped computer science universities in UAE

To ensure a successful department, college and, ultimately, university, students require the best environment within which to succeed, which includes both facilities and faculty.

The Department of Information Technology at AU maintains significant lab resources and space dedicated to students (six computer labs, four project labs and two network labs), giving them the opportunity to practice their practical skills, work on projects, and enhance their working knowledge and project portfolio, ultimately preparing them to succeed in the workforce. Combined with a diverse faculty from around the world with both practical and teaching experience, students are well-equipped to become innovative leaders in the field when they enter the workforce.

Programs are available for both undergraduates and graduates, with the former having the option to apply to two distinct Bachelor degree programs. All programs are accredited by the Commission for Academic Accreditation. The Bachelor in Information Technology has two focus options, including Networking & Security, and Database & Web Systems. The Bachelor in Information Systems also has two concentrations including Project Management and E-Business Management.


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Written By Nancy Bercaw