Choosing the Right University in 2020

Nov 19, 2019 11:10:42 AM / by Nancy Bercaw

Choosing the right university takes time. The process requires careful deliberation and ideally should begin at the start of a student’s graduating year in high school. In order for an application to stand out, every step requires time and attention.

As high school students begin to research university options, they are often unsure of which educational choice might be best for them. It is important to brainstorm interests and skill sets, and then establish a shortlist of university programs and courses that are a good match. For some students, a liberal arts education might be more beneficial than a technical one, giving them time to find their exact strengths, areas of interest and direction, as they figure things out along the way. A quality educational experience in an established institution – technical or liberal arts – will set students up for a variety of professional career options.

Employment and Alumni Networks

The kind of learning a university enables transcends ratings, reputation, and enrollment statistics. Parents and students alike need to consider factors such as enrichment opportunities and the university’s ability to support individual goals. A deep review of institutional websites is essential. An accreditation webpage might, for example, indicate how the university is recognized by prospective employers. Also, most universities run an alumni network (accessible via the website) that can help in mentoring or with prospective areas of employment.  A university’s employment and alumni networks are its best endorsements.

Co-Curricular Communities

College is also about experiences and challenges outside of the classroom, so finding the right community is also an important factor. Check out webpages to see which communities already exist on campus, and how they help contribute to the overall learning experience, as well as the support systems they provide. Look for leadership programs and a vast network of clubs – all of which offer the chance to make lasting friendships and to fine-tune communication skills.

Investments and Scholarships

Financial feasibility also plays a vital role in a student’s university selection process. The reality is that university educations are a major investment. The decision-making process for choosing the right university needs to be holistic and must consider other living expenditures, against financial aid, payment strategies, and the overall outcome of the education. Smart investments require thorough research! Make a spreadsheet that shows total costs vs available scholarships. Also, take into consideration the employment salary of future careers. Extra costs today may result in greater income tomorrow.

Personal Statement

Personal statements can make or break an application, and rushing through them is not a good idea. Personal statements are an essay-styled piece of writing where students have an opportunity to demonstrate and highlight their strongest traits, beyond their grades and extracurriculars. By getting a head start, personal statements can be fine-tuned and well-written so the admissions team will be able to recognize the potential of a student. Take your time and write a compelling narrative of your dreams and goals.

Making the Decision

When it comes to choosing the right university, Ajman University (AU)  in the UAE remains a top choice thanks to its reputation as one of the Top 45 institutions in the Arab World as well as a diverse student body,  which provides a welcoming environment for all nationalities. Ajman University offers an affordable education with vast opportunities for co-curricular programming and future employment. Furthermore, AU is a front runner in the academic arena and its courses reflect the institution’s commitment to innovation and social responsibility. AU’s alumni network of 37,000 graduates — along with its international accreditations and partnerships — make the institution a sought-after choice for students in 2020.




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Written By Nancy Bercaw