Choose the Right College of Art in UAE

Sep 1, 2019 11:01:49 AM / by Nancy Bercaw

Ajman University’s College of Architecture, Art and Design in the UAE gives students the opportunity to enroll in a selection of excellent art-specific courses, with a faculty focused on providing foundational knowledge. Additionally, each department nurtures an enduring culture of creative innovation built around key ideals including diversity, sustainability, and excellence - all with a regional perspective.



  • Practical Applications at a College of Art in UAE

Creating conditions within which students can thrive is a central tenant of the College of Architecture, Art and Design. In order to ensure real-world applications, Ajman University is focused on providing students with a design- and technology-based 21st-century education.

The emphasis is based around the fundamentals that would be expected at a college of art in UAE, but with a particular focus on applications that are relevant to the region, including a focus on innovation, ethics, technological advancements, and, of course, vibrant cultural traditions.

  • A College Leading The Way

The College of Architecture, Art and Design has been positioned by Ajman University to become a leading college in the UAE, providing the best arts programs in the region.

The College expands its academic programs on an ongoing basis, in order for students to receive the most up-to-date education and for graduates to remain competitive when beginning their careers. This is an industry-focused approach, whereby students will be able to use their knowledge and skillsets to make a successful entrance into the workforce and their chosen profession.

  • A College Cultivating Passion

To become a leading college of art in UAE, it is vital that students develop a passion for their subject.

This is why the College of Architecture, Art and Design is dedicated to nurturing students’ desire to learn and become key contributors in the professional world, as well as be committed to lifelong learning through postgraduate studies, including innovative and creative research. Students are introduced to a wide variety of architects, designers, theorists, and artists who are keen on imparting their knowledge to help each batch of graduates to become the best that they can be

Programs are available for undergraduates and graduates, with the former having the option to apply to three distinct Bachelor degree programs: Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Interior Design, and Bachelor of Science in Building Engineering and Construction Management. For graduate studies, students can enroll in the Master of Science in Urban Design.

Written By Nancy Bercaw