Choose the Right College of Architecture in UAE

Sep 1, 2019 11:36:00 AM / by Nancy Bercaw

Ajman University’s College of Architecture, Art and Design is expanding to meet market and artist needs. Students enrolled at the college have access to a vibrant learning environment, including a dedicated faculty and a foundational culture of ambitious innovation focused on creativity, sustainability and producing regional excellence.



  • Focus

In order to cultivate conditions for success in the future, the College of Architecture, Art and Design is focused on providing students a design- and technology-based 21st-century education.

To ensure this objective is achieved, the college has created a method and practice of teaching that is based in fundamentals, embraces innovation, and is always ethical and regionally responsive to technological advancements and cultural norms. Graduating students will be highly competitive, focused, and prepared for the dynamic market and ever-changing field.

  • Future

The College of Architecture, Art and Design has been positioned by Ajman University to become the leading college of architecture in UAE, providing the best architecture and interior design education in the region. The college is dedicated to continuing the expansion of its academic programs and maintaining its forward-thinking mindset so that all the students who come through its doors remain competitive, relevant, and ready for what the industry needs.

To meet this goal, the university nurtures its students, developing their knowledge and skillsets so that they will lead the creation of new projects that improve quality of life, and are backed by research and a commitment to a sustainable future.

  • Framework

To become the leading college of architecture in UAE, AU’s college aims high. As it confirms its status as a leader in the field, the College of Architecture, Art and Design, remains dedicated to advancing the professions of architecture, art and design through ambitious, ethical, and highly competitive graduates who are committed to lifelong learning through postgraduate studies, including innovative and creative research.

AU provides students with the opportunity to meet current outstanding architects, designers, theorists, artists, and scientists who are leaders of their industry and ready to impart knowledge that will help them grow as people and as professionals.

Programs are available for both undergraduates and graduates, with the former having the option to apply to three distinct Bachelor degree programs: Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Interior Design, and Bachelor of Science in Building Engineering and Construction Management. For graduate studies, students can enroll in the Master of Science in Urban Design.



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Written By Nancy Bercaw