Best Universities for Medicine

Jul 11, 2019 4:29:15 PM / by Nancy Bercaw

Students looking to study medicine will certainly differ in their preferences when selecting a school, but there are some factors that are almost universally important. When considering the best universities for medicine, students should focus on certain factors before choosing the school that’s right for them. At Ajman University (AU), the MBBS program models itself on internationally recognized medical education standards from around the world as well as the skills and qualifications they will need for successful medical careers.


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  • Cutting-Edge Curriculum

Learning outcomes of the curriculum are key to ensuring the highest quality education. A curriculum that incorporates the latest developments in the medical field, as well as thoughtful teaching and training, gives students a foundation of knowledge, skills, autonomy and responsibility, preparing them for their professional careers and bringing about improvements in their self-development.

The MBBS program at AU produces competitive graduates who have been trained in cutting-edge skills and competencies. As medical students progress through the curriculum, they revisit subject matter at key touch points and at higher levels of complexity, including more advanced clinical content, creating what AU refers to as a “common-sense curriculum.”

  • Facilities For Clinical Training

AU has partnered with Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, Ajman, under the direction of a Swedish healthcare management firm, and Amina Hospital located in downtown Ajman, to provide a high level of clinical training. For ambulatory care training, AU has partnered with a number of specialist outpatient facilities as well as MOH health centers in Ajman.

The University also has multiple laboratories for medical sciences training, including those specified for anatomy and dissection. The state-of-the-art clinical skills laboratories use simulated patients to conduct training related to clinical and laboratory investigations, communication skills, history taking and physical examination for patient treatment and management.

  • Academic Staff That Enhance Student Learning

AU has implemented a rigorous student selection process to ensure those who are admitted have an excellent chance of succeeding academically and professionally. AU boasts a teaching staff that is highly experienced – and highly motivated – thereby, ensuring student success on campus and beyond.

With the right faculty, universities are able to create an academically challenging environment that also serves as a highly rewarding experience for students. Creative course delivery nurtures curiosity and inspires students to pursue inquiry and excellence through their professional careers.

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Written By Nancy Bercaw