Best Law Schools in the UAE

Oct 6, 2019 5:34:52 PM / by Nancy Bercaw

The Bachelor of Law degree from Ajman University (AU) is one of the best law schools in the UAE. Offered in Arabic, the program is aimed at giving native speakers an understanding in the basics of law, as well as an introduction to the legal framework governing the UAE and neighboring GCC countries.

Within the UAE, expat lawyers are permitted to practice local law; however, only nationals can appear in court. Within the Federal Supreme Court, only registered advocates can take part in litigation. The Bachelor of Law degree from the AU also aims to give locals more access and a higher representation within the UAE legal and judicial system.

To practice law before the courts in the UAE, one must:

· Be a UAE national.

· Be at least 21 years of age.

· Hold a certificate from an accredited university or higher institute.

· Have carried out at least one year of continuous practical legal training.

  • Legal Framework in the UAE

The legal system of the UAE is based on the Constitution of the UAE. Like the other Gulf States, it is a mix of Shariah, civil, and criminal codes, implemented by the Federal Judiciary, comprising Courts of First Instance and Supreme Courts. The Supreme Council of Rulers, based in Abu Dhabi, is the highest ruling body in the UAE. The system does include common law through the Dubai International Financial Centre Courts (DIFC).

  • Law Program

The law degree at AU is an intensive four-year program. In the first year, students are given a detailed background to the history of Islamic legislation and culture. This introduces students to the tenants of Shariah law that are applicable in civilian and commercial cases. The course also trains students for legal transactions through English and Arabic language classes that focus on verbal communication skills.

The program also focuses on instruction in wider areas of knowledge that will enhance graduates’ abilities to practice effectively and with diverse clientele. To this end, the curriculum includes courses in environmental science, research methodology, and nutrition among others. Offered by one of the best law schools in UAE, the course also covers modules on constitutional, family, penal, private, commercial, contract and property law, as well as civil procedure among others. The degree demands commitment, hard work, a disciplined attitude and a passion for law.

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Written By Nancy Bercaw