Ajman University’s Doctorate of Business Administration educates the business leaders of the future

Jun 10, 2019 3:01:07 PM / by Nancy Bercaw

You have probably heard of a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), or maybe you have earned one as well. MBAs can certainly help you take your career to the next level, but what do you do when you’re ready to go even further – when you want to become a real business leader?



Ajman University’s Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) helps you rise above in the crowded field. The 4-year program is designed for active professionals who want to combine deep knowledge with practical skills to effectively develop their managerial and leadership abilities. Students graduate with the expertise and confidence necessary to become the future leaders in the global marketplace.

Because Ajman University’s DBA program focuses on inventive, state-of-the-art approaches to the challenges of modern business, the College has structured the coursework based on three fundamental approaches:

  • Practical

The program is designed to reflect the real challenges students encounter in their professional lives. By working with recognised industry experts and leading businesses, students supplement their own real-world experience to develop their expertise in the latest best practices.

  • Innovative

It’s never been more important to be on the cutting-edge of technology, especially in the business world. The DBA program incorporates the latest innovations, including dynamic methodologies and comprehensive digital resources, to help students become creative, pioneering business leaders of the future.

  • Impactful

The DBA program isn’t just about delivering an outstanding educational experience for leading professionals, it’s also about creating an impact across markets. Close partnerships with local businesses and renowned experts means AU are ready to facilitate meaningful change.

Student can select from two tracks, based on their career goals:

1. Track One: Teaching

This track is primarily for students who want to transition into an academic career as professors or university lecturers.

2. Track Two: Professional

This track is for students who will continue with their professional careers and want to gain advanced skills and knowledge that will allow them to achieve more in their field.

The course is structured so that working professionals can attend with minimal disruption to their busy schedules. Over a three- to four-year period, students complete 60 credits divided into two phases. The first phase focuses on core and elective courses with three-hour lectures on weekends (Fridays and Saturdays). For the second phase, students will produce a dissertation, which will include original research, under the guidance of their supervisor.

Are you ready to reach your full potential in the business world? Discover more about Ajman University’s DBA programme by clicking here.

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Written By Nancy Bercaw