Ajman University more than just education

Nov 19, 2019 10:51:46 AM / by Nancy Bercaw

  • Pick From Over 80 Clubs, Societies And Communities at Ajman University

In addition to academic pursuits, joining clubs in a university is an important part of a student’s growth. The experiences help students develop, both personally and professionally. Such opportunities compliment student life, providing them with the opportunities to learn beyond a traditional classroom-and-lecture setting. At Ajman University there are over 80 clubs to choose from, that help shape the diverse student culture across campus.

The clubs at Ajman University cover different subjects such as theatre, literature, photography, dentistry, and sustainability – to name just a few. The formation of these clubs is based on niche interests as well as their overall capacity to enhance social development in the UAE.

Ajman University clubs are entirely student-run, and allow youngsters to fully utilize their talents while reaching out to the community at large. Students are allowed to pick and choose these societies based on their interests and hobbies, and have the opportunity to collaborate with their peers. This encourages continuous improvement, and helps the students engage more fully in their university life.

  • Club-to-Classroom Crossover

Aside from societies focused on recreation or extracurricular activities, Ajman University has clubs built to further develop a student’s understanding of theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom. One such club is the Business Club, which was created on the premise of teaching students how to apply real-life knowledge in order to be competitive in the workforce and marketplace. Clubs such as these, allow students to blend their academic knowledge with practical experience. Other industry-related clubs include the Media Club and Astronomy Club.

  • Evaluating Career Options

Ajman University is committed to providing its students with a holistic experience, and industry-related club initiatives give students access to opportunities where they can gain first-hand knowledge about their field of choice. Such opportunities provide students with two options:

-  they are given the right kind of exposure during their academic years to the line of work they are looking to pursue,

-  club experiences allow them to evaluate the need to seek different career options. The combination of academic and practical activities enables the students to make informed decisions about their future.

Opportunities to take part in clubs, societies and communities help develop the student potential for leadership and teamwork. Working together for a cause allows students to explore their intellectual growth in practical settings, while forming meaningful relationships with peers. The projects that they work on together, further create opportunities for students to explore their abilities to express themselves, while adding depth to their learning and practice.

At the same time counselling services allow freshmen and seniors to evaluate their academic choices and opt for careers that they are best suited for. Clubs allow students to develop their talents while engaging in a multicultural setting where they learn from each other’s diverse social interests. The international, inclusive nature of an institute is fully witnessed and recognized at Ajman University’s social clubs, where students engage with one another on the basis of shared skills and interests.  

Written By Nancy Bercaw